About Science and Tech for UPSC
✴ Science and Technology is one of the disciplines of modern science under which, we study about the various technologies, their applications, and the development led by these technologies. Science and Technology also includes a wide range of topics such as Space Science Technology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Defense Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, E-infrastructure, etc. By considering the diversity of the discipline, we have categorized this tutorial into different chapters for easy understanding.✴

► This App is designed exclusively for the students preparing for different competitive exams such as civil services, banking, railway, eligibility test.✦

【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】

⇢ Introduction

⇢ Role of Science & Technology in Today’s Life

⇢ Role of Science & Technology In India

⇢ India: Development of Science & Technology

⇢ Science & Technology Policy in India

⇢ Information Technology

⇢ Elements: Information Technology

⇢ Cyber Crime & Cyber Security

⇢ E-Infrastructure in India

⇢ Artificial Intelligence

⇢ Communication Technology

⇢ Space Science & Technology

⇢ Biotechnology

⇢ Nanotechnology

⇢ Ocean Technology

⇢ Nuclear Technology

⇢ Nuclear Energy in India

⇢ Nuclear Energy by Country

⇢ India Nuclear Program

⇢ India Defence Technology

⇢ Space Exploration - Timeline

⇢ Satellites Launched by India

⇢ Indian Space Research Organisations

⇢ Foreign Satellites Launched by India

⇢ Government Space Agencies

⇢ The DRDO
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