About ASL Hangman
ASL Hangman is the classic game of hangman with a twist. The letter choices are represented by their ASL handshapes. Playing ASL Hangman is great practice for learning American Sign Language.

The game includes a realistic looking pirate (?) on a dock with gallows (??) in an isolated cove of Treasure Island (???).

It's the classic game of hangman with features that make it especially suitable for educators and language studies. The included Word List contains over 3000 words and phrases. You can customize or replace the Word List.

ASL Hangman opens to the main display page displaying the Hangman Graphic, the Game Word, and a list of Letters to choose from.

Find the word by tapping letters. The letters can only be chosen once each game. They are shown crossed-out once chosen.

Tap the Game Word to show the answer or to begin a new game.

The menu (3 vertical dots, upper left) has options to choose game settings, show the help or quick-start file, or exit ASL Hangman.

ASL Hangman is compatible with both phones and tablets.
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