About Ice Candy Snack: Ice Pop Maker
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🌞 Summer Season is on sun is so bright and every one is so thirsty and looking for something to quench their this and make them feel good. 😊
and the answer is Ice Candy.
Summer is the season of Watermelon drinks, mango drinks lemonades and Ice Candy. People go to beaches and find some good refreshing summer food.
Ice Foods are trending all over the world people are looking for a mouthwatering ice candy snack to have in this hot weather.
it is the best time run your own tropical ice food stall at your nearest beach.
If you don't know the recipe of ice lolly or Popsicle we are here to teach you how to make one and become a master chef in no time.

In this game we will learn how to make worlds best candy snacks know as ice pop or ice lolly .
in this ice pop maker game we have large varieties of food flavors the one i like the most is Orange ice pop with real frozen orange juice in it.

* Icy lemon lolly is another mouthwatering ice candy snack with lemon in it. Our fresh lemon juice will make your day a pleasant day in this hot summer season on food beach.
* Tropical fruit hop flavor , Watermelon Juice Candy, mango pulp Popsicle, orange pulp Popsicle candy snacks all of them at one place makes a rainbow frozen dessert look.
* Mouthwatering rainbow falvors
Our Special Soda maker machine for making of ice soda lolly is one of our best this yet to happen to you.
int this Rainbow Ice Candy Maker Cut your fruits extract all juice from them and add them into your favorite fruit mold.
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