About Kiliaro
The Kiliaro app is the ideal combination of social networking and cloud storage for high-resolution images. Kiliaro offers the smoothest and easiest way of sharing and storing private photos and videos. With our unique live sharing features, you can share everything with the people closest to you.

Social Networking
You can easily select your friends and family directly from your phonebook to automatically and instantly share your memories in our unlimited cloud storage app. Let your family and friends share and interact with your photos in the Killiaro photo gallery so that everyone can enjoy the same memories, no matter where you are.

Your photos will be displayed in a live feed where your family and friends can access the image or video in its original quality—no more compressed and fixed sizes. What you see is what your friends and family see. In this sense, it has never been easier to share and create a family photo album.

Not only will you be able to share your photos and videos, but your family can also interact with everything you share. Kiliaro is both a photo/video sharing app and also a social networking app for you and your loved ones. Comment on all of your shared memories in the Kiliaro photo sharing app.

Private Photo and Video Sharing App
Only the people you choose will have access to your private photo sharing space.

Integrity and Storage
Kiliaro doesn’t look at your photos or videos in your photo gallery. We store them for you and let you share them however you want, but we don’t use them to target ads or sell your information to third parties. We make it easy for you to store and share your memories. We call that trust storage.

Also, you will never run out of space for your photos or videos. With the Kiliaro app, you will have access to unlimited photo and video storage space..

THE WORLD’S FIRST LIVE SHARING: Kiliaro handles your photo sharing for you automatically.
PRIVATE PHOTO FEED: Where everything shared with you and by you is gathered in one place for you, your friends, and your family.
LIVE SHARING PHOTO APP: Photos you select are shared immediately.
LIVE SHARING VIDEO APP: Your videos are also shared live.
UNLIMITED STORAGE: We don’t sell space. We give you unlimited storage for your photos and videos.
100% INTEGRITY: Kiliaro doesn’t look at your files, target you with ads, or sell your user info.
AUTO UPLOAD: Never worry about losing your precious memories. As you snap new photos, they’ll automatically be uploaded to your Kiliaro account, where you can choose to share them if you like.
ORIGINAL QUALITY: You store and share your photos in their original quality, resolution, and size.
FREE APP: Download the Kiliaro app for free and explore our photo and video sharing features.
PHOTO GALLERY: By using our live sharing feature, the photos from your personal photo gallery will seamlessly go into a shared photo gallery. It’s never been easier to share photos with your loved ones.

Download the Kiliaro app for free and explore our features.
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