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how to know what woman wants is an app that helps a man to know what a woman wants and A woman does not want a man to lie to him about important things. He wants to be an important part of his life - the most important part, in fact. He wants to know the things that happen in his life and he wants him to believe in him. As far as he knows, they are one - his life is his life.

In this app we will discuss:

* Women Want Confidence!
* What Women Want From a Guy?
* How To Become The Man
* features on this app

- updates the latest information every week
- to find out that a girl you really like.
- find out how you can get a girlfriend and keep it.
- simple display on app

a little explanation of how to know what woman wants

Knowing what a woman wants is the dream of every man. Because if you know what he wants, it will be easier for him to please him and also to please yourself.

Understand that they are also human. And just as you do not know what you want sometimes, they also do not know. Thus, women are not "all knowing beings". In addition, all women are different. Just like all men are different. Only with time and effort will you be able to better understand women.

Listen. Use both your ears and all the other senses and watch a woman. He may tell you something in words or with body language. You have to understand what the meaning of his words is and also how he expresses himself.

Do not assume things when it comes to women but ask them when you do not know something. They may not always give you a fair answer but you can always try. Women are very sensitive to be comfortable and sweet, they do not want a word even he just wants a real proof

Make sure he feels safe before you expect him to tell all his secrets. This is one of the most important things if you want to know what women want. Because, when a woman feels comfortable with you, she will be more open and courageous to express her thoughts. You tend not to hear the truth of a woman who does not feel safe with you.

Make lots of eye contact to make it the center of attention. Also, avoid the urge to look around. When you do, it makes her feel insecure and like you are looking for someone else. Make sure you lean back while talking to him and watch what he says. If you are in a hard place, use this as an opportunity to lean.

Praise him. Everyone likes to be praised every once in a while. If this is not something you normally do, start by saying something about her clothes or her hair. As you become more comfortable, you can complete its features. Women love to hear that they have.

be decent. Women want decent men and look good. This means a neatly combed hair, a well-groomed mustache or beard, and free of acne. A woman wants a man she is proud to introduce to her friends and family. He wanted a man whose arms he was proud of during a social event. This does not mean wearing designer clothes, but it means dressing well. No holes, stains, or excrement are permitted.

Remember small or small events. People who remember small things are people who remember birthdays, anniversaries, important holidays, or days when you meet each other. Also there is no harm if you remember he was allergic to chocolate or nuts. Really, the point here is to show him that you care enough to remember.
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