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Edsmart Edu Connect is a unique platform that connects teachers, parents, friends, and families with home learning as the primary focus. The Edsmart pre-loaded International curriculum cover Maths, Science, English and Early year concepts. Child's learning style, tracking their progress based on the curriculum followed in their school or Home school programs.

We at Edsmart, transform the multi-dimension learning process into organized yet flexible to track and personalize. Edsmart Edu Connect facilitates the collaboration between curriculum, teachers, and parents. The app is passionately built to focus on the children's development and progress.

Key Learning Subjects Covered in Edsmart Curriculum:

Early Mathematics ( Maths)
Early Science ( EVS and GK)
English ( Phonics, Grammar, Reading)
Holistic Development activities for kids 3-4 years covering Language, Social, Aesthetic, Cognitive, Sensorial development

The Edsmart Edu Connect app offers many features like

Learning Plan: Detailed learning plan with a key focus on the learning process of the child.

Activities: The detailed description is enriched with videos, images, and documents, which helps facilitators to execute the activity and track the developmental areas.

Resources: Enriched content like Videos, Images, and Documents are accessible on your phone at all times.

Reminders: Adding reminders to manage Work-Life and Parenting schedules effectively.

Assessments: Allows Parents and Teachers to capture the assessment, which is automatically transformed into the developmental outcomes of your child.

Friends and Family: Celebrating the small success and big achievement happens when you share your younger minds completed work. The completed activities can be easily shared with schools, your friends, and anyone you wish too... 

Follow: Collaboration is just not mere between adults, the parents can now make your children groups to allow collaborative learning and sharing.

and a lot more... to come... Watch this space.

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