About Kill Kubos
Kill Kubos game is a strategic action puzzle game. With the combination of fabulous graphics and great game play, Kill Kubos gives you a unique game to enjoy.
Kill Kubos is a story of far far land of cubes. All the cubes of the village are captured by the villain Kubos. You are the only and last hope of the fellow cubes. Save all of them and be the hero. You have to make smart attack on the kubos.
Controls are very easy. Just use the swipe to shoot the ball on kubos. Be smart, Be Quick and knock down the kubos. Accept the challenge and rise above it.
Compete globally with players from all around the world.
1) Puzzling & Challenging Levels.
2) Handcrafted levels
3) Fabulous Graphics.
4) Action base game play.
5) Global leader board.

Download now and have fun.
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Jan 29, 2022
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