About Status Saver for WhatsApp: Sa
Status Saver for WhatsApp - Save & Download Status is a free application by which
user can download status of WhatsApp.

Status Saver for WhatsApp - Download & Save Status can help you download Images and Videos from WhatsApp Status in simple steps.

You can easily save Videos and Images from WhatsApp Status to your Android device. You can enjoy downloaded status Images and download status videos anytime, anywhere, or share them with friends, or repost downloaded status to other social medias.

How to use :-

1️).Open WhatsApp and view status .
2️}.Open Status Saver for WhatsApp - Save & Download Status.
3️).Download status images and videos.
4). Done!

Features of (Status Saver for WhatsApp - Save & Download Status) :-
1). Download status images & videos on one click.
2). Share Download status with friends.
3). You can repost download status images or videos.
4). Download status of WhatsApp Business.
5). Parallel space & Parallel lite feature added.
6). You can download Status videos and Status images to your device and save WhatsApp images and videos as long as you want.
7). Quickest WhatsApp Status Video Download App.
8). Whats Direct Chat.
9).Status saver for WhatsApp is easy and fast to use.

Disclaimer :-

- Status Saver for WhatsApp - Save & Download Status app is not affiliated with WhatsApp.

If you need support or want to give feedback please email us at [email protected]
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