About EcoFlow: Power a New World

Power at your fingertips
Control, monitor, and even automate your EcoFlow devices using the EcoFlow app.

[Device tab]
2 ways of connection
1. IoT connection - Connect your devices at home to the internet using your home Wi-Fi. This allows you to control your devices through the app no matter where you are.
2. Direct connection - No internet? No problem. You can directly connect your phone to your device via Bluetooth or your device's hotspot.

Monitor and control
1. Taking the DELTA series as an example, you can monitor the device in real-time, update its firmware, and adjust settings such as auto timeout, AC charging power, and charging/discharging limits.
2. Some devices support advanced features like AC always on, scheduled tasks, and energy management.

[Space tab]
One-stop energy management
In the Space tab, you can efficiently manage multiple devices by adding them to an energy system. With features like system overview, scheduled tasks, and dashboard, you can easily manage the entire system and save on your electricity bills.
Currently, the Space tab supports the PowerStream Balcony Solar System and Power Kits.

[Profile tab]
Account settings and more
1. EcoCredits - Join the EcoCredits reward program to earn points and redeem them for coupons or exclusive rewards.
2. Warranty registration - Upload a proof of purchase to get a digital warranty card.
3. Device sharing - Invite family or friends to manage devices together.

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Jun 27, 2023
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Jul 03, 2020
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